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Shared fuel costs: When it comes to fuel costs and taking the pressure off your purse, sharing really is caring! Lift sharing helps to save money by enabling fuel costs to be shared between the driver and passengers. People are saving significant sums of money that they’d overwise spend on fuel. One Liftshare member “saved around £1,500 in 6 months” simply by hopping in the car with others. Check out Liftshare’s ‘Savings calculator’ tool to see how much cash you could be saving.

Lower parking costs: Another pesky charge that lift sharing helps to reduce is parking costs. Most cities and urban areas charge for parking, which can really rack up over time, but sharing parking between drivers and passengers significantly lowers this cost. And for those driving in London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), sharing a ride means the £12.50 charge can be split too. To help their members navigate ULEZ, Liftshare has added some handy features to their app like: the ULEZ boundary map, showing whether a charge could apply to a journey; and allowing drivers to mark their vehicles as ULEZ compliant, which lets passengers know they’re exempt from the charge.

Less vehicle maintenance: Lift sharing reduces the miles we drive overall, which translates to less vehicle maintenance over time. That means routine check-ups and replacements won’t be needed as often due to less wear and tear of the vehicle, saving you from having to fork out more money.

One less car, less congestion, less fuel icon


Reduced emissions: When we lift share, we help to take more cars off the road. This translates to a reduction of the emissions that contribute to climate change. And, by simply sharing the journey with others, lift sharers collectively can help lower pollution levels.

Reduced traffic congestion: With fewer vehicles on the road, we could say “bye” to sitting in traffic! This reduction in congestion benefits everyone, making our commutes smoother and faster but it also reduces engine idling during times of congestion. A 2017 study found that idling can create enough emissions to fill 150 balloons a minute with harmful pollutants*. But lift sharing is a great antidote, it leaves less of a mark on the environment and helps to cut out unnecessary fuel consumption.

Conserved fuel: Saving fuel is a high priority for drivers, and lift sharing is a great way to help do that. As more people share a vehicle, total miles driven are reduced which also positively impacts the total fuel consumed. Not only does this help the environment in the short term, but this has a knock-on effect for our future too!

Leading to land efficiency: Lift sharing doesn’t just affect the roads; it has the power to change our landscape too. As the roads become less congested when more people begin to share rides, our need for parking infrastructure decreases. This would be another little step towards a greener planet, creating space for more parks and the development of green urban spaces.


Build connections: Lift sharing has a sociable side too - it’s a great way to meet new people and make friends. For example, sharing the commute with a colleague can help you build a friendship - from chatting in the morning, to unwinding together on the way home. It’s also a way to reduce the stress of driving. Some Liftshare members have noticed they’re “less tired by the end of the week” because they were “no longer doing all the driving”.

Form a community: Lift sharing brings people together and can create a support system for people who need it. For parents, lift sharing can alleviate the stress of necessary trips like school runs. This saves parents time and provides more opportunities for children to socialise, win-win for everyone!

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Now that you’ve seen the positive impact of lift sharing, don’t just take our word for it! Nearly 700,000 Liftshare members are on the road, and we’ve spoken to some of them to get their best tips to help you on your way! 
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Good communication is key to new friendships, and the same can be said for new Liftsharers! Get off on the right foot by ensuring you’re staying in touch with your Liftshare partner up until you meet.

“If you are someone who is often late, set your alarm ten minutes earlier. You've just got to be honest and as empathetic as possible. Once you're in a routine and your relationship is sound (after the first few weeks) things will be easier, but in the first few weeks I would aim to be 5 minutes earlier than you have said!”

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Ready to take the wheel and meet your car share partner? Ensure your vehicle is in tip top condition.

”Like you would tidy before expecting guests at home, it’s good to pick people up in a clean car. It goes without saying that you need to ensure it is safe, fully insured and road worthy, too.”

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When meeting for the first time, consider your pick-up point. Are you meeting each other half-way, is the driver needing to take a difficult route to get to you?

”A two-minute walk might save your driver ten minutes in a traffic jam. Checking and communicating through Google Maps might be a way forward before and during the journey.” 

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Meeting your first Liftshare partner can make you nervous, but often the feelings are mutual and all it takes is a bit of common ground to break the ice!

“I’ve found that just being ready to listen and find common interests is a great way to get conversation going. My daughter was able to get a dog walking job from one of my lift share partners so it goes to show you can build good friendships once you get past the small talk.”

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Remember that you still need to put yourself first. Notifying your sharer of holidays and time off will help transparency in the partnership.

”Sometimes you might just want a break from lift sharing and need a bit of time for yourself. For the model to work in the long term you have to always allow for everyone's needs and sometimes, this is space. Don't take it personally if people want a break for a day or even longer. Remember, there's always positives to be found!” 

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Some would say Gulam is a Liftshare veteran, having joined in 2019. He loves meeting people from all walks of life on the commute, seeing each trip as an opportunity to share interests, experiences (and fuel costs, of course).

Trip: Gloucestershire, 40-mile trip. Sharing with up to 3 others, 5 days a week.
Historic savings between Gulam and his Liftshare partners:
Financial savings: £18,624
CO2 Reduction: 14 tonnes
Mileage savings: 63,803 miles

What do you like about Liftshare?
“I’ve travelled with all sorts of different sharers, from a psychologist to a nutritionist, and I find it very interesting hearing different perspectives and learning from them. On some journeys, we’ve been talking so much, we have to pick up the conversation again on the return leg.”

One piece of advice for a newbie?
“Usually there’s lots of good chat, but sometimes people just want a bit of silence. You have to ‘read the car’ and follow people’s signals. I often start by asking ‘How are you?’ And ‘What do you do for work?’ and we go from there.”

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Pushpal has enjoyed sharing with different Liftsharers, and appreciates the savings in carbon emissions, costs – and having someone to talk to during the commute.

Trip: Berkshire, 44-mile trip. Sharing with up to 4 others, 2 days a week.
Historic savings between Pushpal and his Liftshare partners:
Financial savings: £1,453
CO2 Reduction: 1 tonne
Mileage savings: 4,979 miles

What do you like about Liftshare?
“I am quite a friendly and social person and my companion is also an outgoing person. We have got along quite nicely and meeting outside the share time too, especially for a dinner at home as we share slightly different culture.”

One piece of advice for a newbie?
“I let my companion know a brief about me with the correct details, here honesty is really important to build the trust. We got along after a couple of shares and from the next time, we became friends.”

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Nicola joined Liftshare in 2015 and has been commuting regularly with a current lift sharer since early 2023. She’s glad to get another car off the road in the name of cutting carbon emissions and saving money!

Trip: Devon, 25-mile trip. Sharing with 1 other person, 5 days a week.
Historic savings between Nicola and her Liftshare partner:
Financial savings: £1,104
CO2 Reduction: 833Kg
Mileage savings: 3,781 miles

What do you like about Liftshare?
“It has helped me as it makes my journey more fun as I have company. My car sharer only has access to the car sporadically and was paying a fortune on the train, so they are saving money.”

One piece of advice for a newbie?
“Your work pattern may not be exact but it’s worth it to get more cars off the road. My current car sharer meets me in a carpark to save me going through a one-way system.”

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Petru has discovered multiple benefits of sharing rides for commuting and one-off events including festivals since he joined in 2023. The positive impact on the environment is a big driver for him.

Trip: Kent, 6-mile trip. Sharing with up to 2 others, 5 days a week.
Historic savings between Petru and his Liftshare partners:
Financial savings: £268
CO2 Reduction: 202Kg
Mileage savings: 917 miles

What do you like about Liftshare?
“Overall, it enhanced my financial savings, mental well-being and environmental consciousness, making my daily commute more cost-effective and enjoyable. In a lift sharing encounter, I met Alex, a stranger until that moment and we found ourselves exchanging random stories. The laughter and shared anecdotes, especially Dad jokes, turned a routine ride into an unexpected connection.”

One piece of advice for a newbie?
“Sharing the cost of fuel and parking can lead to substantial savings for participants, making commuting more economical. In essence, lift sharing not only streamlines daily commutes and eases financial burdens, but also cultivates a spirit of collaboration and environmental responsibility.”

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Simran joined in early 2023 and has already found that car sharing saves her money, time and stress for her lengthy commute into London twice a week.

Trip: Warwickshire to London, 98-mile trip. Sharing with up to 3 others, 2 days a week.
Historic savings between Simran and her Liftshare partners:
Financial savings: £2,555
CO2 Reduction: 1 tonne
Mileage savings: 8,754 miles.

What do you like about Liftshare?
“It’s more economical to use Liftshare when travelling into work, saves me time and also a good way to save (the) environment.”

One piece of advice for a newbie?
“I would definitely recommend using Liftshare if you’re looking to travel into work to London. Most of the people I have met are on time, and the journeys are cost effective.”

1 – Liftshare stats 2023

2 – Liftshare stats 2023


Public Members added (not in paid commercial schemes):

  • 2019 (our best year to date) – 45,775
  • 2022 (post-Covid recovery) - 41,564
  • 2023, as of 21st August – 38,582
  • July 2023 was our highest ever month for new members (public) – 11,740, which is around double the previous record month - July 2022.

It’s Liftshare’s 25th birthday this month and since the site first went live in 1998:

(The following are all whole network figures including paid communities.)

> 1.25 Million people have joined (Not the current member figure, as people come and go – see below for this)
> 1.6 Billion Car Miles have been saved
> £400 Million saved by members
> 350,000 Tonnes of CO2 saved.

Current member numbers are:
Whole network (including paid schemes) – 676,660
Public members - 495,837