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Say cheerio to queueing with the fiendishly simple Esso App

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Paying for your fuel has never been so easy

Fed up with being stuck behind a queue full of people with shopping baskets when you just want to pay for your fuel and go? Looking for an easier option than having to take your kids into the shop with you? Imagine being able to pay from the comfort of your car at an Esso pump. Safe to use in your car on the forecourt, the Esso App is the speedy and secure way to pay for your fuel. And the best bit, it’s so simple to use.

The Esso App is being rolled out to new service stations all the time and is available to Android phone and iPhone users with PayPal or Apple Pay. Use our Fuel Finder to find out if you can use it at your local Esso branded service station.

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How to use the Esso App

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How to set up the Esso App

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Quick, simple, and easy

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Don’t miss out on Nectar points again

You can add your Nectar details to the Esso App so that any points you collect when you use the app to pay for fuel at Esso will automatically be added to your Nectar account. Do it now by entering the digits on your Nectar card or by taking a picture of it using your smart phone via the app. This will mean you no longer have to remember to scan your Nectar card every time you fill up.

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Esso App Welcome bonus

Welcome bonus

Fancy winning 500 Nectar points? That’s at least £2.50 to spend on making your everyday a little sweeter.

Start by making sure your Nectar card is added to your Esso App. When you’re good to go, simply pay for your first fill through the App and the 500 bonus Nectar points will go straight into your account. Keep an eye out in the offer section of the App for other quick wins and ways to earn those sweet bonus Nectar points.

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Bonus points in balloons with confetti

2, 4, 6, 8… an offer you’ll appreciate

If you’ve already added your Nectar card to the Esso App, filled up and received the 500 welcome bonus points, here’s an offer which makes sure that the more you fill, the more you get.

Your 2nd, 4th and 6th fills of 30L or more will earn you x2, x4 and x6 more Nectar points than you would normally get on your regular fill – see what we did there? And, once you’ve reached your 8th fill, you’ll get another 500 bonus Nectar points.

Don’t hang around though – this offer is time limited, so make sure you check the offer section in the Esso App to see how long you have left. Once you’ve reached 8 fills, or if you don’t quite make it to 8, fear not, you can try and do it all over again when the offer resets.

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