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Esso fuels

How our Synergy™ Unleaded Petrol works?

Follow the energy through a petrol engine.

Fuel injectors

Esso Synergy Unleaded Petrol helps to keep fuel injectors clean.*

Intake valves

Esso Synergy Unleaded petrol is engineered to help remove deposits from intake valves, which helps lead to a smoother air/petrol mixture flow.*

Combustion chamber

It’s here in the combustion chamber where everything comes together.

A closer look

Esso Synergy Unleaded Petrol is designed at a molecular level to help clean your intake valves.*

Exhaust valves

The exhaust valves, where combustion gases are discharged.

*Esso Synergy Unleaded Petrol claims based on (1) internal or third party vehicle engine testing; and/or (2) government publications; and/or (3) industry or scientific literature. Benefits may vary depending on factors such as engine type, driving style, and petrol previously used.