Max Verstappen is sat against a black background

Bringing race-proven technology to the road

Esso is Aston Martin Red Bull Racing’s official fuel partner. We supply the Formula One team with Esso Synergy™ race fuel while providing world-class engineering support throughout the race season.

Every km we do goes into every km you do

Esso Synergy race fuel technology bolsters Aston Martin Red Bull Racing’s high-powered RB14 race car, helping to enhance the hybrid turbo power unit’s performance. In a petrol engine, cleaner combustion means more power.

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A sport defined by extremes

Ever wonder what 5 Gs feel like?

Formula 1 is so ruthless, so fast, that drivers feel G-forces similar to 124 punches, a metaphor we brought to life in our new film, where we see driver Max Verstappen withstanding the force of 124 heavyweight boxers.

On the track, we work to achieve maximum power and speed the same way we engineer our fuel and lubricants to help maximise performance in your car. It’s just another way that every kilometer we do goes into every kilometer you do.