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All our Synergy fuels are created with care and attention because every driver and every engine is important to us. Read on to discover more about our range of fuels. Whether you want to learn more about our unleaded or diesel fuels, or explore our Supreme+ products, you’ll find all the information you need here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ethanol is a renewable fuel produced from plant materials.
E10 is the standard (95 octane) regular petrol sold at all forecourts. It contains up to 10% renewable ethanol, a low carbon fuel that can be blended to reduce the amount of fossil fuel in petrol.
The government mandated in September 2021 the switch to E10 petrol to help reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with petrol vehicles. E10 fuel is already widely used around the world. 
E5 petrol contains up to 5% ethanol by volume and E10 contains up to 10% by volume. All Esso's Synergy fuels contain additives to help clean, protect and enhance your car's engine, however Esso's Synergy Supreme+ 99 E5 fuel contains a double dose of additive. Esso Synergy Supreme+ 99 contains up to 5% ethanol.
All petrol cars manufactured after 2011 can use E10. If you are unsure you can check using the government E10 compatibility checker, which covers cars, motorbikes and mopeds. If your specific vehicle is not listed, consult your manual, or contact your vehicle manufacturer. If in doubt, the government’s recommendation is to continue using E5 petrol (Esso Synergy Supreme+ 99).
Check the government's E10 compatibility checker to be sure, but it is expected that a number of older cars, classic cars and some mopeds are incompatible with E10 petrol. If in doubt use the E5 grade, Esso Synergy Supreme+ 99 which is available at most sites.
Esso Synergy Supreme+ 99 which is E5 will be unchanged and available at most Esso service stations now E10 is introduced.

The octane rating of petrol is a measure of its resistance to knock, with higher octanes more resistant to knock. Petrol engines work by compressing air and fuel, then igniting the mixture with a spark. Certain engine conditions can cause all or part of the mixture to ignite on its own without the spark, creating what’s called “knock” in your engine. Fuels can be blended to meet different octane ratings at the refinery or fuel terminal.

The majority of today’s petrol vehicles are designed to run on regular octane fuel (95). However, using higher octane fuel than the minimum required can benefit fuel economy, power and acceleration even in vehicles calling for regular fuel. Engine design features like higher compression ratios and forced air induction (e.g. turbochargers or superchargers) can make engines more responsive to octane. The benefits achievable with higher octane depend not only on hardware design but also on the car’s calibration and the user’s driving style.

Our Synergy regular petrol has 95 octane, while our Synergy Supreme+ 99 is a 99 octane petrol.
Our Supreme+99 formulation actually now contains more than 2x the detergent molecules of our regular unleaded grade.  The cleaning benefits of fuels are not directly correlated with the concentration of cleaning molecules in the fuel.  Testing shows our new Esso Synergy Supreme+ 99 unleaded formulation helps keep your engine 3x cleaner than Esso Synergy Unleaded 95 and Esso Synergy  technology now also features three distinct detergent ingredients.  Esso Supreme+ 99 protects your engine against deposits, corrosion and wear.*
  1. In addition to Esso’s own terms and conditions of use of Nectar card and issuance or spending of Nectar points at participating Esso branded service stations, general Nectar terms and conditions (and the Nectar privacy policy) apply to the use of Nectar card and collection or redemption of Nectar points and can be found at:
  2. Esso may collect personal data in relation to questions submitted to its Customer Care department, to which the following privacy terms apply: website privacy policy or in relation to Nectar account information uploaded into the 'Esso App', in relation to which the following privacy terms apply: Esso App privacy policy.
  3. Esso reserves the right to cancel, terminate, suspend or change the ability to collect and or redeem Nectar points at Esso branded service stations without notice (including, but not limited to suspension arising out of non-availability of the App or technical failure generally or at a particular Esso branded service station). Esso shall not be responsible for any losses suffered or incurred as a direct or indirect result of the act of cancellation, termination, suspension or change in the availability of the Nectar scheme at Esso branded service stations. Nothing in these terms shall limit Esso’s liability for death, personal injury or fraud.
  4. The terms and conditions for use of Nectar card and issuance or spending of Nectar points at participating Esso branded service stations may be amended, varied and/or supplemented by Esso Petroleum Company, Limited (“Esso”) at any time in its absolute discretion and without prior notice.
  1. You must present your Nectar card or Nectar key tag at the time of your purchase at participating Esso branded service stations to qualify for any Nectar points or have previously added your Nectar card details to your Esso App account. Nectar points cannot be awarded retrospectively.
  2. Nectar collectors can earn 1 point per litre of Esso Synergy™ fuel or 2 points per pound spent on carwash, lubricants or shop products at participating Esso branded service stations.
  3. Points collected at participating Esso branded service stations will be credited to your Nectar account by Nectar 360 Limited and included in your statement for redemption via existing Nectar redemption options.
  4. Transactions using Key Fuels or UK Fuels bunker card(s) are not eligible for Nectar points.
  5. Nectar points issued on all transactions are capped at 100 points for unleaded and 250 points for diesel purchases and £200 for spend in shop.
  6. Restrictions may be placed on the issuance of Nectar points at participating Esso branded service stations. Esso may not issue Nectar points on transactions it considers to be above reasonable use or where it suspects fraudulent activity without any notice. Esso’s decision on these circumstances is final.

*Based on Esso Synergy Supreme+ 99 petrol compared to Esso Synergy regular petrol in port fuel injected engines. Esso Synergy Supreme+ 99 Unleaded Petrol claims based on (1) internal or third party vehicle engine testing; and /or (2) government publications; and/or (3) industry or scientific literature. Benefits may vary depending on factors such as engine type, driving style and fuel previously used. Concentration and availability of our proprietary additive package may vary due to factors beyond our control. Esso Synergy Supreme+ 99 Unleaded Petrol has a higher additive treat rate, compared to Esso Synergy Unleaded Petrol and contains more friction modifier. Esso Synergy Supreme+ 99 Unleaded is available at selected Esso branded service stations only.

**Comparison is versus regular Esso Synergy Diesel. Esso Supreme 25% Renewable Diesel contains a minimum of 25% renewable diesel. Choosing Esso Supreme 25% Renewable Diesel instead of regular Esso Synergy Diesel results in 15% lower greenhouse gas emissions when comparing the emissions over the life cycle of each fuel. Fuels vary both in their total life cycle emissions (i.e., from production to use or “well to wheel”) and in how the emissions are distributed throughout that life cycle. The methodology for calculating life cycle emissions and emissions reduction follows that outlined in the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligations Order 2007 (SI 2007/3072) as amended (“RTFO”). For more details about the product and full details of the calculation including assumptions and emission factors visit [].

***Esso Synergy Diesel Claims based on (1) internal or third party vehicle engine testing; and/or (2) government publications; and/or (3) industry or scientific literature. Testing based on diesel vehicles purchased on the UK used car market and independently tested at Mahle, UK. Fuel economy was assessed in the condition vehicles were received. Testing occurred over 4000 km using Esso Synergy Diesel and the average increase in fuel economy in the cars tested was 1.8%. Benefits may vary depending on factors such as engine type, engine condition, driving style, and diesel previously used.

†Esso Supreme+ Diesel has greater detergency which helps remove more injector deposits. Claims based on independent engine testing and industry/scientific literature. Benefits may vary depending on engine type, driving style and fuel previously used.