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Ethanol FAQ

Ethanol is a renewable fuel produced from plant materials.
E10 will be the standard (95 octane) regular petrol sold at all forecourts. It contains up to 10% renewable ethanol, a low carbon fuel that can be blended to reduce the amount of fossil fuel in petrol.
The government have mandated the switch to E10 petrol to help reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with petrol vehicles. E10 fuel is already widely used around the world.
E5 petrol contains up to 5% ethanol by volume and E10 contains up to 10% by volume. All Esso's Synergy fuels contain additives to help clean, protect and enhance your car's engine, however Esso's Synergy Supreme+ 99 E5 fuel contains a double dose of additive. Esso Synergy Supreme+ 99 contains up to 5% ethanol.
Regular grade petrol will change to E10 from September 2021 for all petrol retailers in the UK.
All petrol cars manufactured after 2011 can use E10. If you are unsure you can check using the government E10 compatibility checker , which covers cars, motorbikes and mopeds. If your specific vehicle is not listed, consult your manual, or contact your vehicle manufacturer. If in doubt, the government’s recommendation is to continue using E5 petrol (Esso Synergy Supreme+ 99).
Check the government's E10 compatibility checker to be sure, but it is expected that a number of older cars, classic cars and some mopeds are incompatible with E10 petrol. If in doubt use the E5 grade, Esso Synergy Supreme+ 99 which is available at most sites.
Esso Synergy Supreme+ 99 which is E5 will be unchanged and available at most Esso service stations after E10 is introduced.
Yes you will, Esso Synergy Supreme+ 99 is available at most Esso sites, please check here for availability.
Yes, E10 petrol will be available at all of our sites, and E5 Esso Synergy Supreme+99 will remain available at most Esso service stations after E10 is introduced - please check here for availability.
All fuels are clearly labelled at the pump and on the nozzle you'll see E5 or E10 clearly shown.
If your vehicle is compatible with E10 petrol it is perfectly safe to use E5 or E10 fuel, and to use a different fuel subsequently, e.g. if you use E5 on one fill and then E10 on the next.
Using a single tank of E10 petrol in a vehicle that is not compatible should not be a major problem. Just make sure you fill up with E5 petrol next time. Unlike putting petrol into a diesel engine, you shouldn’t need to drain the tank, see https://www.gov.uk/guidance/e10-petrol-explained for details.
Some other petrol-powered equipment may not be compatible with E10 petrol including boats, petrol-powered garden equipment or machinery, such as lawnmowers and chainsaws. Owners and operators should check their manual or ask the manufacturer or dealer before using E10. If in doubt, the government’s recommendation is to continue using E5 petrol (Esso Synergy Supreme+ 99).
Esso Synergy Supreme+ 99 contains zero ethanol, except (for logistics reasons) sites supplied from Scotland, North Wales, North England and Cornwall.

General FAQ

Use the Esso Fuel Finder website to find your nearest Esso branded service station and details of the services it offers.

If you've put the wrong fuel into your vehicle then don’t turn on the ignition or start your engine. Doing so may damage your engine. Call a roadside assistance company immediately. They will be able to drain the fuel from your vehicle.

Use our search engine to find out based on your car type:

If you have any additional questions about our products, check the product specific material safety data sheet:

Service station staff are required by law to supervise the forecourt to ensure the safety and security of customers and staff. They are also required to check that anyone using a fuel pump is at least 16 years of age - the minimum age for buying petrol. Consequently, staff may want to visually check customers before authorising the pump to dispense fuel.

When cardholders use a credit card/debit card, often their bank will place a hold on the funds in their account. The cardholder cannot use those funds until the card issuer releases the hold. In every case, this decision is made by the bank, based on their operating practices and the rules that govern the particular network used to process their card. When you use your credit card/debit card in the pump, the retailer does not know how much fuel you want to purchase. It sends an electronic request to your bank to authorise a sale for a specific amount (the amount varies based on the card). Even though you have not purchased anything, your bank will usually place a hold on the funds in your account for this amount. Then the exact amount of your purchase is sent to your bank immediately after you have completed the transaction. At that time, your bank should charge your account for the actual amount of the sale and remove the hold. However many banks do not remove the hold immediately. Often, they will leave it on your account for 1 - 5 days.

The vast majority of Esso branded service stations in the UK are now operated under the Esso brand by independent companies. If you want to apply for sponsorship from your local service station, please contact the service station manager directly.

Esso branded service stations in the UK are run by independent companies, including Euro Garages (www.eurogarages.com), Malthurst Retail Holdings (www.mrhgb.co.uk), and Rontec (www.rontec.com). Please contact them directly.

Esso branded service stations in the UK are run by independent companies, therefore we suggest you check out the website of some of the larger operators for any career opportunities: www.eurogarages.com, www.mrhgb.co.uk, www.rontec.com

Synergy FAQ

Synergy is the brand name of fuels sold at Esso branded service stations. This fuel formulation is available at all Esso branded service stations in UK & BNL.

Our research told us that Synergy is the best name for Esso’s fuel brand. Synergy incorporates a significant forecourt image upgrade - the first in nearly 20 years - with many innovative design elements to communicate fuel offers more consistently and effectively to customers.

Synergy, the name of our fuels, is supported by the Fuel Technology descriptor referring to our investment in technical innovation. Our research and engineering team are conducting a program of work to look for ways to improve our fuel products.

The Synergy icon reinforces the brand name.

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