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Sharing lifts make epic trips

In a world where solo journeys make up 65% of UK car travel1, we’re on a mission to help more people share their car journeys.

Car sharing is a simple solution that has the power to save money, cut congestion and reduce emissions. Experts estimate that just a 10% increase in car occupancy could prevent three million tonnes of greenhouse gases every year – more than all the buses and coaches in the UK produce2. Now that’s epic.

Discover ways to share a journey

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    Work your commute with a carshare

    Car sharing to work not only cuts fuel costs, it reduces rush-hour traffic and emissions – and you might even make some friends along the way. Set up a commuter club and save money on fuel.

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    Change the game for routine trips

    Saturday morning football club or weekly school run… ridesharing is a game-changer. You’ll reduce traffic on the road, lower your emissions and get the chance to turn lift sharers into new friends.

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    Make it a savings-fest

    Match on Liftshare with people heading to the same gigs, festivals and events, and you can make big savings. It’s not just the fuels costs that go down, it’s your emissions - and the queue for campsite parking at the other end.

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