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Frequently Asked Questions

This list of FAQs can be found on the Esso website

How the app works

Once you have downloaded the app, you need to register, confirm you want to use Apple Pay and add your Tesco Clubcard number (if you have one). The app is then ready to use. Just drive up to the pump, and from within your vehicle, open the Esso app. Then simply select your pump number, approve the payment, get out and start fuelling. Once you replace the nozzle, the payment is taken automatically, so you don’t need to go inside to pay. Your receipt will be stored in the app and can be sent via email to you (an optional setting). This will show the amount you have been charged and any Clubcard points you’ve earned.
You can use the “Find Esso Stations” option at the bottom of the app home screen to find your closest mobile-enabled site or check the Esso website. You will need to give permission for the app to access your location so it can search for sites near you and provide driving directions. The app is being rolled out to new sites all the time, so there should be a site close to you very soon.
Please use the Esso app when you are inside your vehicle and parked at the pump and do not use your phone when you are dispensing fuel or walking on the forecourt, as this could be distracting.
Setting up the app is simple and should only take you a couple of minutes. Download the app from the app store, provide a few details and set up Apple Pay or PayPal if you haven’t already. It is then possible to use the app straight away, but we recommend completing the registration process before you travel to an Esso site.
We recommend that you either leave your phone in the vehicle or put it in your pocket or bag. Please do not use your phone whilst you are dispensing fuel.
The app needs a 3G, 4G or Wifi signal. If you don’t have a good signal, then please pay with a card or cash in the shop.
When you return the nozzle after fuelling, the till system in the shop connects to the cloud server and confirms the amount of fuel dispensed and the value of the transaction. When you check your phone, you’ll see a transaction confirmation screen which has matching values to what you see on the pump so you know the right amount has been taken.
If you realize you’ve made a wrong selection before you start fuelling, just tap on cancel in the app and you can then start over. If you authorise someone else’s pump and they have started fuelling then please advise the site staff immediately. Please carefully check your pump number is correct before using TouchID or a passcode to authorise the payment.
Before you fuel you can set an amount to be reserved in your account which should be the maximum value you want to spend. This will reserve funds from your account according to the value you select, which can be between £5 and £100. You don’t have to dispense the exact value of fuel you selected, but you cannot dispense more than the selected amount. The pump may slow down or stop as you approach the amount you selected (£1 or £2 before, depending on the pump type). You will only be charged for the amount of fuel you actually take.
Yes, you can use the app while parked at the pump. Please place your phone in your pocket and do not use it whilst you are fuelling.
Not yet, but we will be rolling out additional services for the app in the future.
You may have noticed a square type of barcode near the pump – this is called a QR code. If you have given the app permission to use location services during the registration process, then you shouldn’t need to scan this QR code. When you arrive at a participating Esso branded service station, the app will locate you and you can simply select your pump number. If your location cannot be identified because you haven’t provided location permission or there is interference, then the app will direct you to scan the QR code with your phone’s camera. You do not need to have a separate QR code reader app.

Payments & Billing

You can use any of the credit or debit cards stored in your Apple Pay or PayPal wallet, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards. If you are using PayPal, PayPal may use any available funds from your PayPal balance, bank account or linked cards for the payment, depending on the funding options you have set up in your PayPal wallet.
Yes, although currently you will need to store these cards in either your Apple Pay or PayPal wallets.
The price displayed on the pump at the time of your transaction for your chosen grade.
Not at this stage.
Don’t worry - they will see a symbol appear on their screen, so they’ll know which pumps are using the mobile app for payment. When you have seen the ‘Transaction Complete’ on your phone screen showing the amount you have paid, you can drive away.
There may be several reasons why a transaction may be declined. Before approving payment your banking provider carries out a number of checks to ensure the transaction can be completed. These include checking to see if there are sufficient funds in the account, that the payment card is valid and other anti-fraud measures. If you receive a decline message, you can try using another payment card in Apple Pay or Paypal or contact your bank for more information.
The amount of time it takes can vary by bank and by service station, but typically for a debit card payment the transaction takes 2-3 business days to go through. The payment takes the same time to show up whether you pay via the app or inside the shop with your card.
The Apple Pay wallet displays the amount of the transaction pre-authorisation rather than the value of fuel you actually dispensed. Before you fuel you can set an amount to be reserved in your account which is the maximum value you want to spend. The Apple Pay Wallet normally shows the amount you selected or possibly a lower amount determined by your bank. We will only actually debit your account for the value of fuel you dispensed, but you will not see that value displayed in the Apple Pay wallet.
Yes. In Apple Pay you can store up to 8 payment cards in your Apple Pay wallet. Before approving a fuel payment in the app, you are able to select your payment card within the Apple Pay wallet. You can also store up to 3 payment cards within your Paypal payment types in the app. You can add a nickname to each Paypal payment method to help you identify the different cards. You can select your preferred default payment method in the Account menu, or individually select your payment method before approving each fuel transaction.
Yes. In Apple Pay you can store up to 8 payment cards in your Apple Pay wallet. Before approving a fuel payment in the app, you can select your payment card within the Apple Pay wallet. You can also store up to 3 payment cards linked to one Paypal account, or 3 separate Paypal accounts within the app. You can add a nickname to each Paypal payment method to help you identify a business or personal card. You can select your preferred default payment method in the Account menu, or individually select your payment method for each transaction before approving for fuel
No, the Esso App is free to download and use. In fact you can take advantage of app- only offers that can give you additional benefits, like bonus Clubcard points.
Normally the limit is £100 per transaction. If you have insufficient funds in your bank account for the default amount of £100 to be approved, then you may be offered a lower amount and you will be able to fill-up to that amount. You can also set your own maximum amount (see the answer to the next question).
Yes. Before you fuel you can set an amount to be reserved in your account (between £5 and £100) which is the maximum value you want to spend. The default amount is £100, and this applies if you don’t select a lower amount. You may see this amount as a ‘pending transaction’ in your online banking, and find that your available funds are reduced by this amount whilst the transaction is pending, so please take that into account if you are monitoring your spend to avoid bank charges. The pending transaction will be cancelled when the transaction value appears in your account properly, normally during overnight processing, although it may take a few days in some instances.
Yes! The App reserves £100 as a default value to enable you to fill up to that value. If you expect that you will regularly fill up with a maximum of £50 of fuel (for example), then you can set £50 as your personal pre-authorised value in your account settings. This will limit the value of fuel you can dispense to £50, but it will also mean that only £50 is reserved in your account. The pump will automatically slow down and stop £1 or £2 before you have dispensed £50 worth of fuel to ensure we stay under the maximum you have selected, but you will only be charged for the amount of fuel dispensed. Your bank will typically swap the reserved value for the correct purchase value within 24 hours.

Safety and Security

Please use the app inside your vehicle parked at the pump and do not use your phone when you are dispensing fuel or walking on the forecourt, as we don’t want you to be distracted.
Yes, security is our main priority so we ask you to create a username and password to access your Esso app account. We require your email address to be verified and we will always inform you via that email account of any changes to your account details. Apple, PayPal or Esso will store any card details on your phone. When you make a fuel purchase with PayPal or Apple Pay, the secure chip in your device sends only your device account number along with a transaction-specific dynamic security code. Your full card details are never transferred when making a payment and every payment requires your Touch ID, FaceID, or passcode to authorise it.
As we do not keep your details on the phone, and your app is protected by TouchID, FaceID, or a passcode , no one else should be able to use the app on your phone to pay for fuel. If your phone is lost or stolen, there are ways to wipe it remotely (contact your phone provider or mobile service provider). And you can always email us if you want your account stopped.
No. We realise that it may be time consuming to have to log-in and sometimes difficult to remember your passwords, so we have designed the app to keep you logged in as much as possible. No payment details would be visible if someone got hold of your phone, and each transaction requires your TouchID, FaceID or passcode before a payment can be made, so it is safe to leave the app logged in. We will only log you out if the same account is used on a different phone, or if you have too many incorrect password attempts. If you do want to log out of the app, you can do this at the bottom of the ‘Account’ menu.

Loyalty &Tesco Clubcard Points

Yes, if you register your Tesco Clubcard number on the Esso app, you’ll earn points on qualifying purchases at participating service stations (refer to the Tesco Clubcard terms and conditions and FAQs ). There may be further opportunities to earn bonus Tesco Clubcard points through the app.
If you add your Clubcard to the app, you can earn 200 bonus points when you pay for 30 litres or more of fuel with Esso App, and then another 200 bonus points on your fifth purchase of 30 litres or more through the app. Don’t worry if you don’t purchase 30 litres every time, we will track that for you and award the points when you have made the qualifying purchases. Once you have collected your bonus points Tesco will send you a voucher which can be used in Tesco or exchanged for a boost deal. Hence you could have a reward worth up to £16 just for filling up with the Esso App.
Unfortunately not, you will need to log into your Tesco Clubcard account at Tesco.co.uk or using the Tesco Clubcard app.
Yes, your points earned will show on the emailed receipt, in ‘History’ within the app and on the transaction confirmation at the time you make the purchase.
This could be for one of the following reasons:
  • Please check that your Tesco Clubcard number has been correctly added to the app. To do this, go to the main menu, then ‘account’. You can delete the Tesco Clubcard and add it again by scanning the barcode on the back.
  • If you make more than three transactions with your Tesco Clubcard in the same day, you will not earn points on any transactions after the third one. This is in accordance with the Tesco Clubcard terms and conditions.
  • In certain circumstances our systems may not be able to issue points at the time of the transaction, and they may be awarded after a slight delay. If you still do not have the points showing after 2 business days, please call Customer Care on 0207 136 1798 and we will be happy to look into that for you.
  • You may not have qualified for points either because the site where you made the purchase is not participating in the Clubcard loyalty program, or because a minimum purchase threshold was not reached.

Benefits of Using The Esso App

The app offers a number of benefits:
  • It’s quicker when there’s a queue inside, and even when there isn’t!
  • Electronic receipts for expense claims, tax reporting and budgeting purchases
  • Giving you an easier way to pay when you have children in the car with you. Stay by their side and pay with ease.
  • Perfect for those with impaired mobility.
  • Sometimes forget your Clubcard? Once your Clubcard number is loaded in the app you don’t need to produce it each time to build up your points.
  • When it’s raining – you can stay under the canopy
Yes the app can offer a significant time saving for purchasing fuel, especially if there is a queue inside the shop.


No. The app is designed to use minimal data allowance and battery.
Yes, the Esso App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Communications & Data Privacy

We do not ask for any phone number during registration and so you will not receive any calls or text messages. You can opt-in to receive occasional offer-related emails, emailed receipts and app notifications, and can opt-out of these at any time in the app’s settings.
No, we do not sell data to third parties.