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Frequently Asked Questions

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Tesco Clubcard FAQs

a) At Esso Tesco Alliance sites (Esso forecourt with a Tesco shop) the rate of issue is 1 point for every £3 spent on petrol or diesel.
b) At other participating Esso sites, points are issued per litre for petrol and diesel purchases, and at certain of those sites by value for store purchases. Esso branded sites are operated by independent operators who may not offer points for shop purchases. Please check with the site staff.
c) The current issue rates are 1 point for every 2 litres of petrol or diesel purchased (subject to maximum limits) and 1 point for every £1 spent in store (where applicable). Please note that some products are excluded from promotions, for example for legal reasons. Excluded products include tobacco products, infant milk formula, lottery tickets, etc. - a list of excluded products is available on the website.
d) Bonus points
From time-to-time Esso may run promotions. This may be in the form of double points periods, or bonus points on a particular grade of petrol and/or diesel. We may also run coupon-based promotions in which the customer will qualify for bonus points when the coupon is scanned.
Tesco Clubcard points can now be earned at most Esso branded sites in England, Scotland and Wales. To see if your local site is participating please use the Esso Fuel Finder APP or visit Esso Fuel Finder. Note that a small number of Esso sites may not participate in the Tesco Clubcard scheme and no points will be awarded at these locations.
Please visit the Tesco Clubcard registration page of Tesco’s website.
Contact the Tesco Clubcard helpline (0800 59 16 88) open Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm, Saturday 9am to 6pm (closed Sundays).
You don't have to shop at Tesco to redeem Tesco Clubcard points. There are a number of rewards for which the points can be used other than for shopping. If you do not want to collect Tesco Clubcard points, discounts cannot be offered as an alternative. Visit the Tesco Clubcard website for details how to redeem vouchers.
Acceptance of fuel cards for Tesco Clubcard points will vary by site. If in doubt, please check with the site staff before you start filling up to check if your payment method is eligible for Tesco Clubcard points.
Points awarded should be shown on your receipt at the time of purchase.
Your quarterly Tesco Clubcard statement (issued four times a year by Tesco Clubcard, usually in February, May, August and November) will show you the number of points awarded at Esso sites under the Tesco Clubcard points summary detail. You can also visit 'My Tesco Clubcard Account' to see transaction details.
Currently participating Esso sites are not able to offer the facility to use your Tesco Clubcard Smartphone App.
Where payment has been made using two means of payment (e.g. using a fuel card for fuel and then cash/credit card for store items) the customer should ask for the Tesco Clubcard to be processed before each part of the separate payments and, where sites issue Tesco Clubcard Points on shop goods, the customer will receive points on qualifying shop goods (certain products are excluded. See terms and conditions for details).
Customers must present their Tesco Clubcard at the time of purchase. Unfortunately it is not possible to credit points retrospectively.
Esso restricts the frequency with which a Tesco Clubcard may be used at Esso sites and the maximum number of points per fuel or shop purchase to help prevent fraud. You will receive a message on your till receipt if you have exceeded the transaction thresholds.

Any promotional or bonus points issued will not count towards these limits.
Points earned at Esso sites should typically appear on Tesco Clubcard accounts by midday the following working day.
On the Tesco Clubcard statement points from Esso fuel may appear in two categories. On Esso Tesco Alliance sites (Esso forecourt with a Tesco shop) they appear like a Tesco spend. On other Esso sites they should appear as a separate 'Esso' category on the statement.
The number of points issued on a transaction at an Esso site is printed on the bottom of the sales receipt. If the site was having network connectivity problems then the receipt will have the message 'DUE TO SYSTEM PROBLEMS TESCO CLUBCARD POINTS MAY BE AWARDED ON THIS TRANSACTION LATER'. Once the site's network problems are resolved the transaction will be processed and points should be awarded as normal on qualifying purchases. The points should appear on the customer's account in the normal timeframes following the correction of the network problem.
From time to time Esso may run promotions using barcodes on coupons. Coupons may be distributed by being sent to customers, for example, in the Tesco Clubcard quarterly voucher statement or printed on customer receipts to be used on a subsequent visit.
No, unless it was due to the site technology being off-line, in which case the points should be issued once the technology is operational again. Please allow at least three working days for the points to show on your Tesco Clubcard account in these circumstances.
While you can earn Tesco Clubcard points by purchasing fuel at participating Esso sites, the Tesco Clubcard operation is managed by Tesco Clubcard. Any queries regarding your Tesco Clubcard should be directed to Tesco Clubcard - the contact details are on the reverse of your Tesco Clubcard.
Tesco Clubcard points will be issued on payments by cash, credit card, debit card, and some fuel cards.
Please ask the site staff before you refuel to be certain.