Molecules Details Matter

Esso Synergy™ fuels

Be driven by detail

We believe that when it comes to deciding what to put in your car, it’s the details that matter.


A family of fuels with Synergy technology

We put the same level of attention and care into every one of our family of Synergy fuels, because every driver and every engine is important to us. We know that a lot of people think all fuel is pretty much the same, so we’re going to show you some of the detail that goes into our Synergy fuels.

Learn about the key ingredients that are added to our Synergy fuels

The Synergy Timeline

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Synergy FAQ

Synergy is the brand of fuels sold at Esso branded service stations in the UK.
Our research told us that Synergy is the best name for Esso’s fuel brand. Synergy incorporates a significant forecourt image upgrade - the first in nearly 20 years - with many innovative design elements to communicate fuel offers more consistently and effectively to customers.
Synergy, the name of our fuels, is supported by the Fuel Technology descriptor referring to our investment in technical innovation. Our research and engineering team are conducting a program of work to look for ways to improve our fuel products.
The Synergy icon reinforces the brand name.