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Esso Synergy™ fuels

Our Esso Synergy Unleaded petrols

Discover the detail that goes into developing our fuel.

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What’s in our Synergy regular petrol

Our fuel engineers spend hours and hours testing different ingredients and formulas, because they know the smallest change can make a difference. Like the molecules in our latest regular Synergy petrol that have been specially designed to help clean vital parts of your engine (like your car’s intake valves) and help look after your engine. You may have heard that nasty engine deposits can build up in your engine over time which prevent your car from performing at its best and can reduce your fuel economy.*

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What’s in our Synergy Supreme+ premium petrol

Our Synergy Supreme+ petrol already had more cleaning power than our regular petrol – and includes molecules whose job it is to reduce the friction in your engine, helping to prevent wear and helping the moving parts work more efficiently. Making it our best ever protection for your engine.**

Learn about 7 key ingredients that are added to our Synergy petrols

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What is the difference between regular and premium petrol?

As well as having a higher octane (which helps to reduce knocking-related performance losses in modern cars), our Synergy Supreme+ Unleaded fuel has extra additives which can benefit all petrol cars, even older ones. Making it our best ever protection for your engine.

Synergy Supreme+ Unleaded fuel has double the amount of detergent additive compared to our regular petrol, which helps give your engine a deeper clean. The cleaner your engine, the better it can perform and the more fuel efficient it is.

Synergy Supreme+ Unleaded fuel also contains molecules that help to reduce friction and prevent wear and tear in your engine.***

How our petrol works

Here are some handy driving tips

Keep your car well serviced, and make sure you check the oil levels regularly to help keep the engine happy.
Make sure you check your tyre pressure at least once a month and before you set off on a long journey. Under-inflated tyres can increase your fuel consumption by up to 4 percent.****
If driving at 60 miles per hour or more, keep the windows up. Open windows create a lot of aerodynamic drag, which can add to your fuel usage when driving at high speeds. Also, remove the roof rack if you’re not using it, for up to 10 percent savings on fuel.*****
Don’t let your car idle for prolonged periods of time. If you get stuck in a traffic jam, consider switching off your engine, provided it is safe to do so.
Air conditioning is known for using power, which consumes fuel and emits CO₂.** If you’re driving at a low speed, switch it off and open your windows instead.
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Our Synergy diesels

Find out more about the Synergy technology in our diesels, and the differences between our regular and premium products.

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* Esso Synergy Unleaded Petrol claims based on (1) internal or third party vehicle engine testing; and/or (2) government publications; and/or (3) industry or scientific literature. Benefits may vary depending on factors such as engine type, driving style, and petrol previously used.

** Esso Synergy Supreme+ fuel claims based on current vs previous Supreme+ formulations. Supreme+ Unleaded contains a friction modifier which helps prevent wear. Claims based on independent engine testing and industry/scientific literature. Benefits may vary depending on engine type, driving style and fuel previously used.

*** Esso Synergy Supreme+ Unleaded Petrol has a double additive treat rate, compared to Esso Synergy Unleaded Petrol. Benefits may vary depending on engine type, engine condition, driving style and fuel previously used. Esso Synergy Supreme+ Unleaded is available at selected Esso service stations only.

**** International Energy Agency

***** European Commission

An initiative by FuelsEurope and the European Commission www.savemorethanfuel.eu