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Our Esso Synergy Unleaded petrols

Just one of the reasons for refuelling at Esso.

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Where will the next fill take you?

Engine deposits can reduce your fuel economy. Esso’s Synergy Unleaded petrol contains an additive that helps remove engine deposits.

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Revitalise your engine with Esso Synergy Supreme+ Unleaded Petrol

Our Esso Synergy Supreme+ Unleaded Petrol is designed to give intake valves a deeper clean than our regular Esso Synergy Unleaded Petrol to help improve your engine’s performance and fuel economy.*

Why choose Esso Synergy Supreme+ Unleaded?

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Our Esso Synergy petrols

Esso’s Synergy fuels. Where will your next fill take you?

Synergy Supreme+ Unleaded (97 octane): Our premium grade, higher octane petrol, with more additive for superior cleaning power.*

Synergy Unleaded (95 octane): Our regular petrol grade.

*Esso Synergy Supreme+ Unleaded Petrol has a double detergent treat rate, when compared to Esso Synergy Unleaded Petrol, to help clean petrol engine intake valves. Claims based on (1) internal or third party vehicle engine testing; and/or (2) government publications; and/or (3) industry or scientific literature. Fuel economy may vary depending on factors such as engine type, engine condition, driving style and fuel previously used. Esso Synergy Supreme+ fuels are available at selected Esso service stations only.