A boy is looking out of a car window

See More Journeys That Matter

Life is made-up of many journeys. Some take us to brand new places and fresh experiences, help us reconnect with old friends, or make memories that will last a lifetime. Some may seem like an ordinary drive, but it’s where they really take us that makes them a journey that matters.

A car ride, conversation, and a cup of tea

Jim invites us to join him for tea with Contact the Elderly, the only UK national charity solely dedicated to tackling loneliness and social isolation among older people, through regular face-to-face contact. Its work depends on the kindness of volunteers, including drivers. To learn more, visit contact-the-elderly.org.uk

Sometimes the simple journeys are the best ones

Everyone remembers those trips when they were little, in the back of the car, being driven for a day trip out, or on a holiday. The drive was almost as exciting as the holiday itself.

A few kilometres and a whole world away

A drive just a few kilometres out of the city can open up new routes for a lifelong passion. Nicolas regularly drives out of the city to discover new cycling routes, and to reconnect with memories of his past.

An everyday commute can be a journey to a new path in life

After a successful career in banking, Bram makes the one hour commute back and forth to Utrecht where he studies to make his passion for photography his career. Every drive takes him closer to where he wants to be.